Senior Citizens

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Senior Citizen Center

Director: Tammy Evans
439 West Utah Avenue

Open 8 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday



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July 12th will be the official day of back to regular lunches. No more prepared take home meals.  Mountain Land will be switching back to the "Pan-Meals" and so you will need to come in to eat on plates or sign up for meals on wheels.

We have our van running to pick up seniors to bring to lunch and then take home after lunch.  It leaves our center at 10am and takes seniors home right after lunch. You need to sign up ahead of time for this. 801-465-5215.
Mondays: Wood carving 8am to noon/ Ceramics 8am to 4pm/ Exercises 11am (rubber bands)/ Sing a long 11:20 to noon.
Tuesdays: Ensure sales 8am to 11am and then 1pm to 4pm/ wood carving 8am to noon/ Oil painting 9:30 to 4pm/ Exercises 11am (wall exercises)
Wednesdays: Wood carving 8am to noon/ ceramics 8am to 4pm/ Exercises 11am (Yogalates)
Thursdays: Ensure sales 8am to 11am and then 1pm to 4pm/ Oil painting 9:30 to 4pm/ Exercises 11am (chair exercises)
Fridays:  Exercises 11am (Tia chi relaxation).   BINGO AFTER LUNCH!!!

Below is a list of things we  have been doing on-line every week day: I  will do my best to keep up with this schedule also.  You can pick and choose the times you actually do them. You have to be signed up as a member for me to put you on the face book page to do all these things:


9:30-10: Gardening ideas,  10-10:30  Rubber band exercises,  11am to noon, 2pm- Silver Sneakers Seated Classics, 3pm: Face exercises.


9:30-10-Medical Advice on line ,   10-10:30: Wall Exercises, 2pm- Discover Our World, 3pm: Easy Yogalates.


9:30-10:  Books or short stories to read on-line. 10-10:30: Tai Chi exercises, 2pm: afternoon Silver Sneakers


Share your favorite recipes,  10-10:30  Chair exercises 11am-noon:     2pm Cooking for two, 3pm Hand Exercises


9:30-10: Memory games, 10-10:30: Dance with shakers, 1pm- chair yoga, 1pm movie.

Monthly Activities


1st Monday of the month: Toe Nail trimming with Doctor Burnham. You must be signed up ahead of time, and you must be a member.  No walk-ins.  Contact Tammy to sign up.

(This month it will be Tuesday, July 6th 1pm). Team #1.  (call me if you want to add your name to the list)

2nd Monday: Movie in the office. 1pm (Popeye)

3rd Monday:

4th Monday:


1st Tuesday of the month:  Wellness checks 11am with Maple Creek Home Health.

2nd Tuesday of the month: Wellness checks 11am with Active Home Health.

3rd Tuesday of the month: Wellness checks 11am with Utah Home Health.

4th Tuesday of the month: Wellness checks 11am with Encompass

Also 4th Tuesday of the month: Matinee’ Movie at Stadium Cinemas: (to be announced.)


1st Wednesday of the month: Hand massages 10:30 to noon with Kalani from Legacy House

2nd Wednesday of the month: Color of the day: for July: Red, white, or blue, or all 3.

3rd Wednesday of the month: Out to dinner.  Leaving center at 5pm Chili’s in Spanish Fork.

(Van available for first 12 to sign up.  Otherwise car pool or drive your own vehicle.)

4th Wednesday of the month:


1st Thursday of the month: Nail painting with Kate Carter Insurance: 10:30-noon.

2nd Thursday of the month:

3rd Thursday of the month: nail painting with Kelli from Walker’s. 10:30-noon.

4th Thursday of the month: Out to breakfast. Meet at location at 8:15.  Arby’s.


2nd Friday of the month:  Bingo after lunch with (Legacy Funeral Home)

3rd Friday of the month:  Bingo after lunch with

4th Friday of the month: Bingo after lunch with

Saturday, July 17th: picnic in the park  5pm: 200 south main, under the pavilion.  I will bring chicken, you bring a pot luck for everyone to share that goes with chicken.

Remember the food trucks on Saturdays 5pm to 8:30pm across the street from the park at Library Square.

We are closed July 5th for Independence Day.

We are closed July 23rd for Pioneer Day.


Our meals are $3 per meal.  The menu is below.  You can order by the week, by the month, or by the day.  801-465-5215. I need to know at least a day ahead before 1pm in order to call in your order.  Do not leave a message after 1pm and expect to have a lunch the next day.  Whether you are going to pick up your lunch and take it home, or stay and eat here, you will need to pick up your lunch right at noon.   If you cannot make it at noon, cancel your order until another day.  These meals are for seniors 60 and older ONLY.  The meals are $3 per person per day.  We are located in the same city building where you pay your city  bill, or behind the police station.  439 West Utah Avenue.


Thursday, July 1st: Hot dogs, baked beans, potato wedges, applesauce.

Friday, July 2nd: Country fried steak, potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, roll, peaches.

Monday, July 5th:  closed

Tuesday, July 6th: Chicken salad wraps, Italian pasta salad, pick spear, pears

Wednesday, July 7th: Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, orange, roll

Thursday, July 8th: Malibu chicken, au gratin potatoes, green beans, roll, mandarin oranges

Friday, July 9th: Kalua pork, Hawaiian rice, corn, pineapple tidbits, roll

Monday, July 12th: Swedish meatballs, rice, carrots, peaches, roll

Tuesday, July 13th: Penne pasta with  meat sauce, green salad, garlic roll, green beans, fruit crisp

Wednesday, July 14th: Ham, scalloped potatoes, beets, corn, apple sauce

Thursday, July 15th: roast beef, baby potatoes, peas, cocktail, roll

Friday, July 16th: BBQ chicken, au gratin potatoes, green beans, peaches, roll

Monday, July 19th: creamed chicken over white rice, california blend vegetables, roll, pineapple tidbits

Tuesday, July 20th: Broiled bratwurst and sauerkraut, mixed fruit, jell-o cup, corn, brownie

Wednesday, July 21st: Teriyaki chicken bowl, brown rice, broccoli, banana, roll

Thursday, July 22nd: Sloppy joe, mustard potato salad, pork n beans, orange

Friday, July 23Rd closed for Pioneer Day

Monday, July 26th: Salisbury steak, loaded potato casserole, beets, cottage cheese and fruit, roll

Tuesday, July 27th: Chicken parmesan with basil marinara sauce and spaghetti, green beans, apple crisp, roll

Wednesday, July 28th: Battered fish, tartar sauce, potato wedges, orange, corn, roll

Thursday, July 29th: Tortellini with meat sauce, green salad, cake with fruit, green beans, roll

Friday, July 30th: turkey, potatoes and gravy, carrots, roll, orange


Director: Tammy Evans
Bus Driver: Merrill Black
Assistant Bus Driver: Dawn Henderson

Lunch Workers:  Kathleen Baker  and Jo Layne Vogt                                     Substitute: Kathy Barbour

Art instructor: Rebecca Peery
Wood Work Instructor: Ray Carlsen

Librarian: Books and Magazines: Kay Baker, Kathy Barbour

Puzzles- David Hicken, Carrie Dart

Birthday Board:  Clea Aust

Gardening:  Kathy Barbour, Donna Price