Senior Citizens

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Senior Citizen Center

Director: Tammy Evans
439 West Utah Avenue

Open 8 am - 4 pm Monday through Friday



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Senior Citizen Center

439 West Utah Avenue; Payson, Utah  (Payson City office building, south of the police station in the same building).  801-465-5215.

Welcome to the Payson Senior Center

We are open Monday through Friday 8am to 4pm.  You are welcome to come in every day. Play pool, play the piano or organ, use our exercise equipment, watch tv, read the newspapers, visit our library, read books and magazines, put together puzzles, play games, mingle.  

We serve lunch daily at 10 minutes before noon.  You have to order your lunch a day ahead by 1pm. (801-465-5215)  No exceptions.  We do not make our food at our center. We have to call in the orders.  Everyone is asked to make a $3 donation per day for their lunch.



Director: Tammy Evans
Bus Driver: Margaret Gonzalez
Assistant Bus Driver: Dawn Henderson, Art Peterson

Lunch Workers: Clea Aust, Kathleen Baker 

Sub Lunch workers: Jo Layne Vogt, Kalani Aust

Art instructor: Rebecca Peery
Wood Work Instructor: Ray Carlsen 


Please make sure to keep your membership current so you can continue enjoying the benefits of being a member of our Payson Senior Citizen Center.  If you are a GOLDEN member, which means you are 80 or older, you do not have to pay a yearly membership, however,  we ask that you update your information by stopping by our office for a few minutes.  Too many times we have disconnected phone numbers as we try to contact the member or their emergency contact.

We sell Chuck A Rama Discount tickets to seniors for $1 each.

We sell ENSURE to medically qualified seniors for $20 a case. Limit two cases per month.

If you would like to buy the Chuck A Rama tickets, buy ENSURE, or join our senior center, please consider coming before 11 in the morning, or after 1pm as we are busy with our classes and our lunch and no one is in the office during this two hour period each day.


Daily Agenda


Wood working-8- noon

Ceramics -9-4

Rubber band exercises- 11am


Wood working: 8-noon

 Ensure sales: 8-11am. (If this time doesn't work for you let me know and we can work something else out. I teach classes and I am not always available but we can make arrangements).

Exercise with cards-11am

Oil painting: 9-4

Handiwork: 1-3:30


Wood working: 8- noon

Ceramics: 9-4

TOPS: 9:30

Wall exercises: 11am


Ensure sales: 8-11. (If this time doesn't work for you just let me know and we can work something else out. I teach classes and I am not always available).

Oil painting: 9-4

Chair exercises: 11am


The first Friday of each month we have a monthly birthday party. We meet together at 11am and have live entertainment.  Then we sing Happy Birthday to the seniors that have birthdays that month and give them a small gift.  We have cookies and ice cream after we eat lunch

On all the Fridays except the first one we exercise with a second deck of cards: 11am

Bingo after lunch


Monthly Events:

First Monday - Toe nail trimming with Utah home health 1pm.

Second Monday- There will not be a movie in the office this month because we will be gone on a special outing to Orem.

Third Monday- Ask A Nurse with Utah Home Health

Fourth Monday- Brain Games with Symbii 12:15               

First Tuesday - Wellness checks -Maple Creek 10:30-12 pm 

Second Tuesday- Wellness checks- Encompass 10:30-12pm

Third Tuesday- Wellness checks- Symbii 10:30-12pm 

First Wednesday- Hand massages: Brio   10:30-noon

Second Wednesday - Caregivers meeting 6-8pm with Walkers

Third Wednesday- 411 with Nila from Encompass

Fourth  Wednesday-Matinee at Payson Cinnemas (announced the week of)

First Thursday- Nail painting- Aspen Sr Care   10:30 to noon       

Last Thursday of the month: Out to breakfast at 8:30 a.m. (Taco Time)

First Friday - Birthday party, cookies and ice cream (furnished by: Summit Home Health)
Second Friday - Bingo (Furnished by: Legacy Funeral Home)
Third Friday - Bingo (Furnished by: Parkway Rehab)
Fourth Friday - Bingo (Furnished by: Walker Funeral Home)


We serve lunch Monday through Friday at 10 minutes before noon.

$3 for regular lunch or $3 for a chef salad for people 60 and older. YOU HAVE TO ORDER YOUR LUNCH AT LEAST A DAY BEFORE BY 1PM (NO EXCEPTIONS, SORRY). 801-465-5215.  You do need to be on time to get your lunch because as soon as everyone is served people can get a second helping if there are any left. (We will not hold your meal passed 15 after).  Please do not assume that we have extra lunches if you did not order.  We have to have as close to an exact count as possible, so we do not have extras.

Thursday, 19th: Taco Salad, mandarin oranges

Friday, 20th: BBQ chicken quarters, au gratin potatoes, green beans, apple, roll

Monday, 23rd: Bratwurst with sauerkraut, fruit and jello, corn, brownie


Wednesday, 25th: creamed chicken over rice, california vegetables, roll, pineapple tidbits.

Thursday, 26th: Teriyaki chicken bowl, steamed rice, broccoli, banana, roll

Friday, 27th: turkey breast, mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, roll, orange

Monday, 30th: salisbury steak, potato casserole, beets, cottage cheese with fruit, roll

Tuesday, 31st: chicken parmesan, marinara sauce, spaghetti noodles, green beans, apple crisp, roll