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Payson City
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Monday - Thursday
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The Building Division of Development Services is responsible to ensure that residential homes, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings are constructed to meet local, state, and federal codes to ensure the safety of those using the buildings.  A building permit is required to build a home, business, shed, fence, and many other things that people do on their property.  A building permit and the subsequent inspections give the building owner the benefits that the building was constructed to meet safety codes and will give them the insurance that they need with their insurance company if there ever is a fire that their home is covered by their insurance company.  When you go to sell your property a completed building permit also allows you to sell knowing that the structure met certain requirements and it will allow the banks and other owner to move forward with the purchase.

Building Permits:

  • Applications are available on line here or at the Development Services office located at 439 W. Utah Avenue.


  • Inspection requests may be made by calling 801-465-5204/5214.
  • Inspection requests must be made 24 HOURS in advance. This does not guarantee next day inspections. Be prepared to give the permit number, address, type of inspection, contact name and number. Job sites must be ready for inspection by 8:30 am the requested inspection day.
  • A re-inspection fee of $50 will be charged if approved plans are not on the job site for each inspection.
  • A re-inspection fee of $50 will be charged if the PERMIT CARD is not posted at the job site. PERMIT CARDS are to be displayed on a post until a window is available.
  • Replacement cards can be picked up at the Development Services Department office, if lost or damaged, at no additional cost.
  • A re-inspection fee of $50 will be charged if the job site is not ready for the requested inspection, or if the inspector cannot obtain entry to the structure.
    All re-inspection fees must be paid at the Development Services Department prior to the next re-inspection. Fees will not be accepted at the site.


  • Residential. Front yard landscaping is required to be installed prior to Final Inspection. If due to inclement weather, the landscaping cannot be completed prior to Final Inspection, a sum, as determined by City Council, to complete the landscaping must be placed in escrow or bonded for at a period not to exceed June 1st of the nearest calendar year.
  • Commercial. All landscaping is required to be installed prior to Final Inspection.


All lot corners must be marked with an approved type metal peg at least 5/8" in diameter and twenty-four inches in length prior to any excavation on site.

Applications, Information, and Handouts