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Payson City
439 W. Utah Ave.
Payson, UT 84651
(801) 465-5204
(801) 465-5214

Monday - Thursday
7:30 am - 6:00 pm

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of the Development Services Department is responsible to develop and ensure the local, state, and federal requirements for residential and commercial developments are met by those developing in Payson City.  This division checks plans and ensures that what is built will meet the standards required for safe drinking water, pressure irrigation water, storm drain, sewer, and that the roads are designed to move people from one place to the other.  The engineers design plans and bid them out so that projects can be constructed throughout the City and see that the infrastructure will meet the demands of a growing population.

Engineering Documents


Contractors Can Request Inspections Through This Link

July 2015 Payson Canyon Reservoir Feasibility Study - Due to original file size the document has been divided into 4 parts:

Subdivision Plat Review Checklist

Plat - Template Sample Signature Title Blocks

Subdivision Plat AutoCAD Template

SWPPP Plan Review Checklist


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