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East Side Comprehensive Plan

One of the hidden gems and an important area in Payson is a neighborhood often referred to as Haskellville. This mostly unincorporated area is located between Elk Ridge, Salem and Payson. In 2006, the Payson City Council asked staff to communicate with neighboring communities and the residents of Haskellville to prepare a plan that would guide future annexation requests and development proposals for the area east of the current Payson City limits between 1300 East and 1600 West (Utah County coordinate system), and between State Route 198 and Goosenest Drive (approximately 1500 South).

Appropriately named, the East Side Comprehensive Plan represents a collaborative effort between property owners and government leaders to establish common goals and regulations for development standards, distribution of land uses, infrastructure requirements, and implementation measures specifically tailored for the specific geographic area.

The creation of the East Side Comprehensive Plan adds predictability and identifies expectations for both applicants and the City in relation to future land use, development, and preservation efforts. Adherence to the plan will ensure that infrastructure systems, roadway networks, municipal services, recreational facilities, environmental and agricultural preservation, and commercial opportunities will be properly balanced resulting in a highly desirable area and great addition to the community. Take some time to review the East Side Comprehensive Plan and learn more about this great part of our future!

Parks, Trails, and Open Space prepared by CRSADocuments

East Side Comprehensive Plan Text

Parks, Trails and Open Space Appendix A - Soils Report

Parks, Trails and Open Space Appendix B - Seismic Report

Parks, Trails and Open Space Appendix C - NRCS Prime Farmland Report

Parks, Trails and Open Space Appendix D - Open Space Development Resources


Land Use Layout

Open Space

Ground Water

Parks, Trails and Open Space

Project area



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