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Payson City
439 W. Utah Ave.
Payson, UT 84651
(801) 465-5200



Payson City is participating in The Great Utah Shake Out.  This will be on April 19th, and our exercise will be at 6:00 PM.  This year we are focusing on communications. As a resident, please place a colored paper in your window, at or before 6:00 PM. Block Captains will be coming around to count these, and report numbers to the Districts (neighborhoods), who will be reporting to Areas (Zones), who will give a final report to the City EOC (Emergency Operations Center).

Colored Cards are as follows;

Green - We are ok, no help needed.

Yellow - We need help, but can wait.

Red - I need Immediate help!

Black - Death

Payson City has these colored papers available at no cost to residents. 

You can contact you local preparedness leader for them,

or they are available at

Payson Fire Department 45 East 100 South

Payson City Office 439 West Utah Avenue.

For more info on this state wide event you can also visit;  or

Payson Fire & Rescue will be offering CERT Classes Fall 2018, to get your name on the list, or for more information regarding this, please call us at 801-465-5252.

Payson Fire & Rescue offers CPR / First Aid Training Classes to the community.  

We schedule these classes based on the need for them.  

Our next class will be in July 2018. Exact Dates will be available soon.


The cost is $10 and the class is limited to 12 participants, first come first serve.  

Sign up at Payson City offices 439 W Utah Avenue Monday - Thursday 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.  

Please call 801-465-5252 with any questions.


The mission of Payson Fire Department is to protect the citizens of Payson from all emergencies both natural and man made through dedicated, highly skilled andmotivated firefighters, while acknowledging the publics support, trust, and confidence.

Payson Fire & Rescue



Payson Fire & Rescue

439 West Utah Avenue
Payson, Utah 84561
801-465-5252 Office
801-465-5255 Fax




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