Sewer Collection System

Payson City
439 W. Utah Ave.
Payson, UT 84651
(801) 465-5200


Payson City WWTP Collection System

Collections System

Quick Facts about the Wastewater Collection System:

  • 90.52 miles of sewer collection lines
  • 1550 sewer manholes
  • 5535 connections
  • Three Main Trunk Lines
    • West
    • East
    • North
  • Collection lines runs 24/7
  • Jet Truck Cleans sewer main lines
  • Camera Van inspects sewer main lines


Properties are connected to the collection system through a pipe known as a sewer lateral. The sewer lateral runs from the end of the structure to the city main sewer pipe in the street.  Property owners are responsible for the maintenance and installation of the sewer lateral from the house or business to the connection into the main sewer line. The main sewer lines collect the sewage and transport it to the Wastewater Treatment Plant located at the north end of town.

Sewer Jet Truck

The Sewer Jet Truck is used to clean the City Sewer Main Collection Lines that are run underground beneath the City Streets. Sewer mains are typically cleaned block by block. In order to clean these sewer lines, the Sewer Jet Truck releases high pressured water in the lines to dislodge dirt and debris. Then vacuums using a system of air-based pressure to suck out the dirt and debri and collect it for disposal.

Payson City Sewer Jet Truck
Payson City Sewer Jet Truck

Sewer Camera Vehicle

The Sewer Camera Unit is used to inspect the City Sewer Main Collection Lines that are run underground beneath the City Streets. Sewer mains are typically camera inspected block by block. In order to camera sewer lines, the Camera Unit is lowered into a manhole and with remote controls in the vehicle it crawls through the sewer line while taking video and pictures of the sewer line. Below is an example of a camera inspection.

Illegal Discharges

Only employees of Payson City or contracted by Payson City may access public manholes for maintenance or monitoring activities. If you see a potentially unauthorized discharge or tampering with a sewer manhole, please call Payson City Wastewater Treatment Plant at 801-465-5277 or after hours 801-465-5270. Please be ready to give the location of the incident, description of individuals or vehicles, types of smells and appearance of product. Thank you for your help.

Ways You Can Help the Wastewater Collection System:

It’s a Toilet, Not a Trashcan! Don’t flush any items like:

  • Baby wipes and diapers
  • Rages and towels
  • Cotton swabs
  • Syringes
  • Candy and other food wrappers
  • Clothing labels
  • Cleaning sponges
  • Toys
  • Plastic items of any description
  • Aquarium gravel or kitty litter
  • Rubber items such as latex gloves
  • Cigarette butts
  • Sanitary napkins
  • Hair
  • Underwear
  • Disposable toilet brushes

The "Will It Flush" video from Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a great example of what happens when these types of items are flushed down the toilet.