Sewer Fees

Payson City
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Sewer System
The sewer connection fee shall be the product of such number of required separate service laterals multiplied by the schedule set forth below:
Service line inspection $35.00/hr.
Main line inspection $35.00/hr.

An apportionment of overhead costs (operations and maintenance costs, time spent in administration, sign-up, processing, and computer entry) generated by or resulting from such sewer connection (1½ x labor) $105.00

Total sewer system connection $175.00

Re-inspection fee $47.00

Sewer Impact Fees

Single Family Residential; Dwelling Unit; $1,824.00

Commercial; Connection; $1,824.00 (min.) per ERC

Institutional; Connection; $6,183

Sewer Rates

Basic Service Fee
Monthly Base Rate; $32.39
Monthly Volume Rate; $1.09 per thousand gallons of gallons of culinary water based upon average monthly usage

The average monthly usage shall be calculated bi-annually based upon summer and winter culinary water usage.

New connections and current customers that do not have a minimum of six months data on culinary water usage shall have a Monthly Volume Rate of:

Condo/Apartments/Motels; $4.94 per unit
Churches; $4.94
Hospitals, care centers, schools, and industrial/commercial are determined by the superintendent.

High Strength Waste
BOD over 300 mg/L $0.30 per pound
TSS over 250 mg/L $0.30per pound

Commercial/industrial - Average monthly waste concentration over 300 (BOD m/L) x 8.345 (pounds/million gallons) x million gallons of waste discharged per month x $.30.

Seasonal Discharges shall be charged on a demand basis.

Excess Cleaning Fees shall be based on, among other things, the length of line to be cleaned and the estimated costs for City cleaning services. The exact determination of the excess cleaning fee shall be on a case-by-case basis.

Fees for non-residents are double.

Trucked In Waste
Residents who pay monthly sewer
service fee No Charge
All others in and outside
city limits $76.28 per load

The above charges shall be subject to the surcharge for excess BOD or SS.

Use of Sewer Line Camera
Minimum Fee; $150.00Over 300 ft.

Use of Sewer Jet Truck
Minimum Fee; $150.00
Hourly Charge; $150.00per hour

Use of Sewer Effluent Water
Charge per 1,000 gallons; $0.56