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Payson City Water Department


Culinary Water System:

Payson City strives to ensure that the water it delivers to its residents is safe.  Each month we are required to take several water samples from various sites through out the city.  These samples are then sent to the state lab to test for harmful contaminates.  Payson City currently meets the state requirements for water quality.  Every year we send out a CONSUMER CONFIDENCE REPORT that has valuable information regarding our water system.
The city currently has three concrete below ground, water storage tanks with 5.6 million gallon total capacity of water storage.  The culinary distribution facilities include 115 miles of 4” to 12” lines, 10 miles 12” transmission lines and 46 miles of service laterals.  Sources consist of 4 wells and 8 springs.
The Following map shows the current service area for the culinary water system of Payson City: Culinary Water Service Area 2019

New Customer Portal to track pressurized irrigation usage

Pressurized Irrigation System

Proposed Billing & Conservation Information

A public meeting will be held on April 27th, 2021 in the Payson City Banquet Hall to discuss the information listed below. The meeting will also be lived streamed on our Facebook Page. A notice will be sent to all residents as a reminder of the meeting. The City Council has elected to not bill for water usage this upcoming irrigation season, but will bill in the 2022 irrigation season based on what we discuss at the meeting.

Live Stream Video



Local Scapes Guide

Local Scapes Weed Control

Maintain a Healthy Lawn and Stay Water Wise

Payson City Irrigation Calculator

Sample Landscape Plans

Plant Zone Map

2021 Pressurized Irrigation Watering Schedule

Pressurized Irrigation Zones

Irrigation Zone Map 2020

Irrigation Zone Map with Photo

PI Meter Detail



Payson City utilizes three sources for our pressurized irrigation system.  The city owns the water rights in the Payson Lakes. The lakes are limited in the amount of water it delivers. With the drought years, the lakes are not full to start the irrigation season. Payson City also owns rights in Spring Lake. The city pumps the lake into the pressurized irrigation system, which helps with the upper pressurized zone. The last source of water is from the Strawberry Valley Project. Payson City has approximately 2,500 acre feet of strawberry water that is delivered to our pressurized irrigation ponds via the High Line Canal. It takes all three of these sources to meet the watering demands of the city.

Pressurized Irrigation Filters

Payson City highly recommends that the residents and businesses install an individual filter on their sprinkler system.  The pressurized irrigation water is not treated and it can be dirty at times.  The City is not responsible or liable for any damage to your sprinkler system, grass, or plants so it is recommended that you install and maintain a filter to keep your lines and sprinklers working as optimally as possible.

Stop and Waste Information

Below are the pictures of a stop and waste on and off for your reference and the water usage calculator with instructions on how to use the spreadsheet.

Stop and Waste Off

stop and Waste On

Stop and Waste Video

Water and Sewer Study of Impact Fees

Payson City has worked with Horrocks Engineers to perform a study to update the impact fees for the Culinary water, secondary water and sewer utility impact fees.  A copy of this study is available in the link below.  Due to the size of the document if has been broken into four (4) parts.


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