Children’s Parade


Addison Corbin is a sixth-grade at historic Taylor Elementary School. She has attended Taylor since she was in preschool where her school pride began at an early age. Taylor’s motto is “Many Tigers, One ROAR: Reach for your potential, Own up, Accept everyone, Remember who you represent.” Addison truly takes this to heart. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude in everything she does. You can find her walking the kindergartners to the bus or their parents’ cars. She has been a 1st grade-reading tutor for two years and values the friendships she has made with her reading buddies. She loves to lunch work in the cafeteria and volunteers every chance she can. She can be found around the school offering help to other students and teachers without being asked. Orange has become Addison’s new favorite color and she takes school pride to a new level on Fridays.
Addison has been involved and excelled in many extra-curricular activities including 5th grade Honor Roll, tumbling class, an accelerated softball team, Taylor’s Tiger Choir, and she plays in Taylor’s 6th grade orchestra.