Youth Court

We believe in second chances.

Payson Youth Court uses the three pillars of restorative justice:

  1. Accountability
  2. Skill Development
  3. Community Connections

Payson Youth Court is certified by the state of Utah and is legally recognized.  The court is made up of youth from Payson, Santaquin, Genola and Goshen.

Payson Youth Court is based on restorative justice, youth court volunteers deliberate and come to a consensus on a disposition.  The disposition’s goal is to provide accountability, skill development, and community connection for the offending juvenile.  This allows juvenile offenders who have committed their first offense and the offense does not rise above a Class B misdemeanor to appear before a court of his or her peers.

What are the requirements to appear in Youth Court?

  • Must admit to charges
  • Must appear in court with his/her guardians
  • Appear before court of his/her peers
  • Pay Youth Court administration fees of $20.00
  • Comply with the decided dispositions and return to court and report outcomes

Possible Dispositions:

  • Community Service Hours
  • Study Hours
  • Learn a skill or Talent
  • Written report
  • Letters of apology
  • Labor to repair damage
  • Attend education and or prevention classes

Youth Court Advisor:
Kim Lefler
801 465-5226

Payson Youth Court meets the second Tuesday of the month.

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