Elected Officials


Payson City is a fourth class city governed by Utah State Code section 10-3b-103.  The City is governed by a council of six (6) members one of whom shall be the mayor and five (5) of whom shall be city council members.  The governing body exercises both legislative and executive powers of the city.  They are elected at large and serve staggered four year terms on a part time basis.  Elections in Payson City are non-partisan.


The Mayor is the chairman of the governing body and presides at the meetings of the city council.  His statutory responsibilities include in part:

  • Presiding over city council meetings and votes only in the event of a tie vote of the city council.
  • Appoints certain positions in the city with the advice and consent of the city council.
  • Performs all duties prescribed by law, resolution or ordinance.


Payson City Council Members are elected at large and serve four-year terms.  The council is responsible for carrying out Payson City’s legislative and executive powers.   Council members are also assigned specific oversight and coordination responsibilities for various departments and other responsibilities.  It is the responsibility of the city council to establish the overall policy direction for the City.  This is done by:

  • Adopting and amending ordinances
  • Adopting the budget


Elected Officials & Assignments

  • Mayor Bill Wright - Public Safety, Administration, intergovernmental Relations (COG, MAG, 10 City Mayors, etc), Interfaith Council, Development Services, Utah League of Cities & Towns (ULCT)

City Council Members & Assignments

  • Linda Carter - Parks (Trails, Golf Course) Senior Citizens, Physical Facilities
  • Brett Christensen - UTOPIA, ULCT, Sewer, Water (SUVMWA, Mt.Nebo, Etc.) Recreation
  • Brian Hulet - Budget & Finance Committee, Peteetneet, Economic Development, Utah Lake Commission, PARC
  • Taresa Hiatt - ULCT, Streets, Storm Drain, Landfill, Budget & Finance Committee, Chamber of Commerce
  • Bob Provstgaard- Community Events (Salmon Supper, Onion Days PCT, etc), Cemetery, Youth Council, Library, Electric (SUVPS, UAMPS etc. )

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