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Payson City Council Minutes January 16, 2013



January 16, 2012 City Council Minutes

Minutes of the regularly scheduled Payson City Council Meeting held Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 6:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL: Councilmembers: JoLynn Ford, Kim Hancock (left the meeting at 6:45 p.m. and returned at 7:00 p.m.), Mike Hardy, Scott Phillips, and Larry Skinner; City Attorney Mark Sorenson, and City Recorder Jeanette Wineteer. Mayor Moore was excused but attended the meeting electronically by telephone during the Kacee Feild discussion.

MOTION by Councilmember Phillips to appoint Councilmember JoLynn Ford as Mayor Pro-tem. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hancock. Motion carries.

Mayor Pro-tem Ford presiding.

Prayer offered by Kayden Tew and Pledge of Allegiance led by Ezra Rose.

MOTION by Councilmember Hancock to suspend the agenda to move at the Mayor Pro-tem’s discretion. Motion seconded by Councilmember Phillips. Motion carries.

Human Resources Coordinator presented service awards to the following employees: Elaine Openshaw (25 years) and Emily Trafny (10 years).

Golf Pro Tracy Zobell reported that this year is the golf course’s 25th anniversary and he would like to celebrate with a golf tournament, etc. He said he would come up with some ideas and get back to the Council.

Electric Superintendent Ron Crump reported on the UAMPS meeting he attended today.

Planner Spencer reported on the Corridor Management Plan for the Nebo Loop and said that the plan will probably be presented to the Council for adoption in February.

Chief Scott Spencer updated the Council regarding billing for the wildland fires and felt we would be reimbursed around $56K. Once we get the final numbers, he will bring a budget amendment to the Council to see if it can be used for a brush truck.

He said there was an article in the newspaper that Gold Cross Ambulance is hurting because of the city volunteer ambulances, and they are pushing for legislation so they can cover all transports. Chief Spencer said they are our competitor and we want to fight to keep those transports, etc. He noted that our response time is actually shorter because we are here and they come out of Provo.

He said ambulance and fire are staying quite busy with this slick weather.

Councilmember Phillips felt crews have done a great job with snow removal; keeping it off the sidewalks and roads, especially with as much snow as we have received.

Councilmember Hancock stated that he attended the Cowboy Poetry night and there were a couple of things that struck him that he wanted to bring back: 1. These are the kind of people we want to encourage to be part of our community (good, honest, with high standards), 2. Most of them came and thanked him as representative of the City Council for allowing them to come and hold this in Payson. He hopes we have many chances to have this happen again in our community.

Mayor Pro-tem Ford agreed with Councilmember Phillips regarding snow removal; it is really a big job.

Councilmember presented attendance certificates to scouts in attendance: Kayden Tew and Ezra Rose.


January 16, 2012 City Council Minutes

Judge Dahlquist administered the Oath of Office to Officer Paula Wilcox, a part time court security position and reserve officer, and said that because Officer Bastian was ill he will administer his Oath of Office at a later time.

Planner Spencer explained that Pete Rossi is requesting the City Council consider an alternative to assessing connection and impact fees for the Rossi Retail Center located on the southwest corner of the intersection of 800 South and Turf Farm Road. The developer believes the adopted impact fees are excessive and the request for payment of these fees will halt the project indefinitely. In an effort to advance the project, the developer would like the City Council to consider authorizing a refund to the developer for the difference of the 2008 impact fees and the 2013 impact fee update, if any. The applicant would submit payment for the house meter and Unit 5 at this time with the remaining fees payable when a second tenant occupies the building.

On December 5, 2012, the City Council considered a request to repeal the 2008 electrical impact fee ordinance and reinstate the 2006 electrical impact fee based upon 50% of the expected load for each connection. The City Council did not make a decision on this request; therefore, the developer is required to submit payment of impact fees as identified in the 2008 analysis. The City Council directed staff to begin the process to update the impact fee analysis to ensure the impact fee calculations are consistent with the proposed system-wide improvements. Staff has initiated this process.

Staff is required to assess the fees adopted by the City Council. After consideration of the upfront costs and the impact they may have on the economic viability of the project, staff provided various scenarios to the developer to submit payment for the connection and impact fees. These options were then presented to the Council and explained that the invoice amounts are based on the 2008 impact fee analysis. Option D has not been offered to other applicants/developers, but may be an acceptable option until the impact fee analysis is updated.

Mr. Rossi explained that the crux of the issue is that the city is out of line on impact fees compared to other areas, and said it equates to over $10 sq. ft. He understands that Manager Tuckett recommended that the fees be rolled back to the 2006 amount, which he feels would be fair. He would consider paying that amount, or to pay the amount the fees are now, knowing that they would be adjusted after the study is completed.

Councilmember Phillips noted that we cannot compare our fees to others within the state; they have to be determined with a study.

He said he is sympathetic, but Mr. Rossi saying that he didn’t know what the fees were when he bought that property is not our fault; he should have done his due diligence.

Councilmember Hardy didn’t feel that rolling them back to 2006 would be right, because we haven’t seen a study.

Mr. Rossi wondered if he should put the project on hold and wait 90 days, because he felt it was unrealistic to pay the higher fee when there is a study underway.

Councilmember Phillips said with the cold temperatures it would be wise to put the project on hold. The study is ordered.

Mr. Rossi said if the study is ordered and if it comes in less, would there be a rebate back to him or a deduction on the rest of the project.

Councilmember Skinner clarified that the fee is set by ordinance and we have to abide by that, so he doesn’t feel there is an option. If the study comes in and it is less, he doesn’t know how we can refund anything because the fees or the ordinance have not yet been changed.

Engineer Robbins said the study should be complete by September. The study will take three months, and then we have to advertise for 90 days before they can be put in place.

Councilmember Hardy wondered when that comment that our fees were out of line was made to Mr. Rossi. Mr. Rossi said the comment was made very early on, and he couldn’t remember if the comment was made by Superintendent Crump or Manager Tuckett. And because of that comment, he thought the request was fair.


January 16, 2012 City Council Minutes

Mr. Rossi wondered if it is within the Council’s authority to roll back those fees to 2006 as Manager Tuckett suggested. Councilmember Skinner explained that it is within the authority of the Council, but they have no inclination to do that until they see the study.

Councilmember Hancock left the meeting at 6:45 p.m.

Mayor Moore attended the meeting at this point by telephone.

Planner Spencer presented some options and ideas of how to honor Kacee Field:

Tribute Ideas
 Recognition by Payson City Council

o Presentation of plaque by Mayor Moore and City Councilmembers o Invite family, friends, public and media
o Costs: plaque and Payson Chronicle announcement

 Community Recognition
o Option #1 – Banner on community billboard o Option #2 – Banner at Centennial Plaza

 Spotlight and Autographing Event o Option #1 – Sculpture

o Option #2 – Painting
o Option #3 Professional photograph

Manager Tuckett's notes included: There is an option of a resin statue of Lewis Feild, Kacee Feild and Wes Silcox that would cost approximately $1,800 or if it were bronzed $8,000. The artist that painted Lewis Field in the Peteetneet Cowboy Room would paint one of Kacee for approximately $8,000. We also talked of creating a billboard at a cost of $450 and having it hung on the Chamber Billboard. Mayor Moore is checking with the Chamber to see if that would be okay.

Councilmember Skinner wanted to know the ideas behind whoever put this on the agenda.

Mayor Moore said he had a lot to do with it and that we have three world champions in Payson; there is only one other city in the US that has that many. He would like to see a sculpture put at Peteetneet honoring them. He doesn’t believe we did anything for Lewis or Wes, but we should be proud of them and do something.

Mayor Pro-tem Ford clarified that the Mayor would like this sculpture under glass on display in the foyer of the Peteetneet.

Councilmember Hancock re-entered the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Councilmember Skinner said he feels we are very proud of these champions, but we have other people who have done amazing things and he wondered if we want to set precedence. He noted that there are doctors who have saved lives, as well as decorated soldiers, so he has some concern.

Mayor Moore noted that these are recognized as “World” Champions.

Councilmember Hancock said he likes the idea of a “Wall of Fame” for all of the champions including the ones Councilmember Skinner is talking about, however we already have a “Cowboy” Room at Peteetneet and feels these would belong at a spot in the Peteetneet.

Mr. Jeff Wolf, the artist who had the sculpture on display during this discussion, explained that Veronica Feild approached him about a monument in Spanish Fork when they were building their arena, so that is where the idea of his sculpture came from. He then said that Ross Huff contacted him about some type of tribute for Kacee in Payson, and he felt he could provide a bronze copy of the sculpture presented tonight for $5500 as an artist’s copy.


January 16, 2012 City Council Minutes

Discussion was held regarding money for this type of tribute. Mayor Moore suggested donations, and he also has some economic development money budgeted. Discussion was held regarding a sign at the edge of Payson stating “Home of Three World Champions, visit our Peteetneet Museum”. Consensus of the Council was that they wanted to do something to honor these individuals, and see what donations we can receive.

Dee Stevenson, President of PPP said people are pretty impressed with what is in the Cowboy Room. If Staheli’s agree, we would have to re-arrange things in the Cowboy Room, but he felt this display would really add to that room.

Security was a concern, so Mr. Wolf said that if this sculpture were placed in the Peteetneet foyer, it would be bolted to the turn table, then also to the floor. Director Karl Teemant noted that we also have alarms at Peteetneet.

Consensus of the Council was to have staff meet with the group and get some ideas together and make it happen.

Director Karl Teemant stated that Coralee has stepped down as our Events Coordinator, so it started discussions regarding where we should go with this position: continue with a contract position as we have in the past, or go toward a full-time position. Some of the items to consider are where do we want our events to go, how do we market the events, and what other events we might want. He presented a possible job description and the cost of a full-time position which would be approximately $35K plus benefits to equal around $56K. The full-time position could be in conjunction and possibly replace the part-time one that is at Peteetneet now and schedule all events and market those events.

Dee Stevenson, PPP President said he heard about this agenda item through the grapevine and wanted to express his concern. He said right now the museum has budgeted $9600 for their part-time person, however the person doing that job makes less and works a lot more hours than she is paid for. Most of their operation was covered by volunteers. A full-time position will add a large expense to the city.

He also had concerns about the Peteetneet budget and said part of the money for cleaning the Peteetneet went to help clean the city office. He said last year their budget went down and they made enough revenue to cover all their expenses. He said there are recreation events at Peteetneet and that revenue goes to the city and doesn’t show up as Peteetneet revenue. He felt it was around $8k that is generated at Peteetneet but not showing up there.

Councilmember Phillips felt that if what we have is not broke, why fix it. The contract person has seemed to work well, and we have enough salmon supper attendance and can’t handle much more. He felt we do a pretty good job for Onion Days, and the Scottish Festival kind of takes care of itself and we have limited involvement. He would like to see trying to find someone on a part-time/contract basis as we have before.

Mayor Pro-tem Ford wondered if there is something else that is not getting does that could be added to the duties of a new full-time person.

Director Teemant clarified that this agenda item discussion wasn’t intended to undercut the PPP board and didn’t feel it would be funded, rumored or moved forward on tonight, but discussed. This new position would be nothing to take away from Peteetneet, it is just something to say that we own the Peteetneet and are willing to invest someone more into the building. He agrees the biggest debate here is dollars. He felt that other things a full-time person could do is web page and economic development. If we go contract again he wondered if we could incentivize the position with booklet sales.

He said the City does subsidize the Peteetneet building for about 1⁄2 of their general costs for that facility, $34K is roughly what they bring in and their budget is roughly $70K. He also clarified that if Sandy is volunteering she is not allowed to do that, and has been told she cannot; she needs to track all hours and will be paid for her work there.

Discussion was held regarding the possibility of a contract employee, a possible current employee, and letting it out for applications.


January 16, 2012 City Council Minutes

Attorney Sorenson noted that other things they could do is our single day events, like Veterans Day Programs, Santa, the new Tour of Utah, etc.

MOTION by Councilmember Phillips to continue as we have in the past with a contract employee; however entertain the idea of a bonus with 60%/40% with brochure sales. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hardy. Motion carries.

Attorney Sorenson presented the following motion that the Council made on March 7, 2012:

“MOTION by Councilmember Hardy to adopt “Payson Experience the Many Layers” slogan and the onion logo and to phase it in. Motion seconded by Councilmember Phillips. Motion carries.”

Therefore, there wasn’t any further discussion needed.

Engineer Robbins stated that there has been a request to change our street signs to have larger letters on them. He presented a drawing to show the new sign requirements. The old signs have 5 inch letters, and the new sign will have 7 inch letters. The installation will now be in concrete. The old installation was pounded into the ground. These changes will be used for all newly installed signs. Old signs will remain as is until replacement is necessary. We feel these changes will make the signs easier for the public to read and the installation will be more durable.

MOTION by Councilmember Phillips to approve the signs as recommended with the new installation (concrete) and larger type, without the logo. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hardy. Motion carries.

MOTION by Councilmember Phillips to table this item. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hancock. Motion carries.

Animal Control Officer Phil Christensen stated that he would like to amend the ordinance to allow citizens to license their dogs for a period of one, two or three years. This is in line with the way Utah County does their licensing. We are also suggesting that the license would be good for one, two or three years from the date of purchase instead of expiring on December 31st.

He presented a proposed ordinance to allow for this change to take place and said that if it is approved an amended fee schedule would also be needed.

MOTION by Councilmember Skinner to approve Ordinance #01-16-13, an Ordinance Amending title 6 Animal Control Regulations to Allow the Purchase of Dog Licensing for One, Two or Three Years. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hardy. Motion carries.

Animal Control Officer Phil Christensen presented a portion of the fee schedule that would need to be amended based on the approved amendments to the Animal Control Ordinance.

MOTION by Councilmember Philips to approve Resolution #01-16-13, A Resolution Amending the Fee Schedule for Licensing Animals within the Limits of Payson City. Motion seconded by Councilmember Skinner. Motion carries.

MOTION by Councilmember Hardy to adjourn. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hancock. Motion carries.

Council adjourned at 8:15 p.m.


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