CC Minutes 3/5/13

Payson City Council Minutes March 5, 2013



March 5, 2013 City Council Retreat Minutes

Minutes of the Payson City Council Budget Retreat held Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 4:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers.

Prayer offered by Karl Teemant and Pledge of Allegiance led by Tracy Zobell.

ROLL CALL: Mayor Rick Moore; Councilmembers: JoLynn Ford (entered the meeting at 4:25 p.m.), Kim Hancock, Mike Hardy, Scott Phillips, and Larry Skinner; City Manager Dave Tuckett, City Recorder Jeanette C. Wineteer, and Superintendents: Karl Teemant, Mark Hyland, Jeff Hiatt, Tom Runyan, Brent Arns, Tracy Zobell, Elaine Openshaw, Glade Robbins, Kent Fowden, Ron Crump, Scott Spencer, Linda Collard, Dale Shaw, Dora Edvalson, and Steve Spencer.

Manager Tuckett presented the following PowerPoint presentation:

Staff Agreed Upon Priorities for 2013

• Sewer Plant Electrical Makeover
– Estimated Cost $214,000

• Cemetery Expansion
– 7.5 acres; $61,875 sprinkling system; $5,100 grass seeding

• Replace dead water meters
– May be able to use part of water tank bond funds ($180,000)

• Golf Course Cart Paths for 14 & 15
– $22,000 for materials only. In house labor

• Equipment

Department Priorities:


  • –  Fire Truck $350,000

  • –  Bobtail $120,000

  • –  10-wheel dump truck $180,000

• May use fund balance proceeds transferred to revolving loan fund if available


Part-time employee
Security Issue: bullet proof glass at front office; lighting in hallways Better communication
Increase training budget


Personnel for coverage
Update inside of Ambulance Building


Fire Truck vehicle rotation New brush truck
New fire station
Full time personnel

City Grounds:

Replace mowers
Replace small equipment (weed eaters, hand mowers, blowers) Replace trailer to haul mowers

Golf Course:

Finish cart paths ($22,000)
Sand replacement for sand traps ($15,000) Irrigation controls upgrade



March 5, 2012 City Council Retreat Minutes

Sprinkler head replacement
Club house renovation/expansion
Parking lot resurfacing
Maintain equipment replacement schedule Property line issues Schramm, Morley


Hot spot and software installation Increase materials budget Replace staff positions lost
New Library


Repair, restore and seal sandstone building Install security lighting around building
Grade around building to prevent water damage Upgrade sprinkling system (automate)


Increase maintenance budget to paint facility ($15,000) Shade awning for concessions and entrance
Extend additional parking

Solid Waste:

Upgrade compost facility
Charge for compost service Security fencing and surveillance

Storm Drain:

Continue with storm drain repairs
930 West storm drain project
Complete storm drain basin at 100 South 1100 East


Replace Boiler ($130,000) Replace 2nd floor carpet Replace steam coil on 2nd floor Resurface parking lot

Replace tiles in hallway


Police & Library copiers Web appliance/firewall Off-site backup Maintenance budget increase New anti-virus

Landfill update


Voltage Cutover
Transmission line and substation to southwest side of town Industrial substation
Second circuit to hospital area
Upgrade to SCADA




March 5, 2012 City Council Retreat Minutes

Replace 1985 dump truck
930 West reconstruction
Continue maintenance of roads (crack sealing) New loader for snow removal
Upgrade signal on Main Street
Purchase of roller


Replace ERT modules on water meters Replace dead water meters
400 South water line replacement Water tap onto lateral 20


Electrical upgrade to sewer plant ($230,000)
New employee for line cleaning
Secure easements at Ridge Lane
Automatic valves installed at plant to eliminate confined space entry Install sewer manhole behind McDonalds

Camera collection lines Remove trees from sewer lines


Increase overtime hours
Increase part-time officer hours
Replace radios ($40,000 for entire replacement) V ehicles


Budget for temporary judge. (Judge Dahlquist will be out with new knee)


Check into cooking own meals
New senior building
Increase attendance at Senior Center Develop social media

Expand networking among seniors


New ball fields at 700 South (Woodbury) Remodel restrooms at old ball fields. Backstop extensions at new ball fields Replace outfield fencing at old ball fields Social Media improvements

Shade Structures over spectators at new ball fields
Old ball field concession building needs windows and screens


New cemetery area north of existing cemetery ($50,000 plus roads) Resurface roads
Software control system for Cemetery, Parks and Grounds ($30,000)


Storage facilities located at Cemetery Master Plan for Memorial Park



March 5, 2012 City Council Retreat Minutes

Purchase lands for new parks Replace bobtail and pickup

Economic Development:

Camera/photographs for events and city functions

Review of Debt Paid Off

  • Golf Course Bond paid off early in amount of $1,230,000.00

  • SID Bond paid off early in amount of $861,233.95

  • SUVPS Bond paid off early. Payson’s portion $789,008.34

  • Implemented city revolving loan fund which paid for golf equipment & ambulance

    Debt to Pay Off if Funds Available

  • 2010 Golf Cart Lease

  • 2008-9 Line Truck

  • 2009-10 Golf Cart Lease

  • 2011 Golf Cart Lease

  • 2011 Garbage Truck


  • *This amount does not subtract interest savings

    Discussion regarding Request for Employee

    • Police Officers

    • Part-time cleaning employee for Admin & Library

    • Replace part-time employee for front office

    • Ambulance employees

    • Fire employees

    • Replace Library staff positions that were cut

    • IT part time person

    • Sewer employee for line cleaning

      Still Working on Salary Scale
      Looking at small raise for employees if funds available

      Implementing Cost of Services
      Will reduce transfers, but should have no effect on bottom line

      Discussion of Transfers v. General Fund Revenue Discussion Regarding CPI Increase
      Property Tax Increase

• Requires a Truth In Taxation Hearing

Street Paver & Roller

  • The Streets Department is going to purchase a paver and roller out of its B & C Road funds

    – It will be paid off in four years through B & C funds. – It will save time and money in the long run.

    Impact Fees

  • City Council appropriated $50,000 to update our impact fees

  • We received three bids


$15,003.23 $49,925.39 $25,766.36 $42,260.82 $96,409.14 $229,364.94*



– Lewis Young
– Zions Bank
– Sunrise Engineering

$65,350 $81,800 $359,800

  • All bids assume our master plans are up to date

  • It is apparent our Master Plans need to be updated before we can update Impact Fees

  • Concern over Electrical Impact Fees

  • Proposal:

    – Have Electrical update master plan. Budget Amendment next council meeting
    – Have one of the Impact Fee Consultants complete the Electrical Impact Fee Analysis

March 5, 2012 City Council Retreat Minutes
– Use the remaining budgeted funds to upgrade our master plans.

Consensus of the City Council was they agreed with the recommendation of updating the Electrical Master Plan and see if that update can be completed.

MOTION by Councilmember Ford to adjourn. Motion seconded by Councilmember Hardy. Motion carries. Council adjourned at 6:22 p.m.



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